Why another blog on singleness?

Mary on island of Rhodes, Greece.Walk through a Christian bookstore – or any bookstore for that matter – and you will see many books on marriage.  How-to books and fix-it books abound.  Marriage seminars abound to help people be successful in the hard work of building the closest relationship they will have on earth.  Anniversaries are celebrated and long-lived marriages are honored.

When was the last time you heard someone celebrate and applaud the successful living out of a faithful Christian single life?  My guess is that it is never.

As I share aspects of my own singleness journey, I look forward to hearing from many of you to help shape this blog as we talk about how best to live in faithfulness and fulness.  Jesus said in Matthew 5:6 that those who hunger and thirst after righteousness will be filled.  Some translations use the word, satisfied.

I also decided to make this blog public as I am in the process of developing it.  So, you will see my attempts to become better acquainted with all the details of WordPress.

Thank you for reading!



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